It is coming soon, and the way time flies this historic

event will be here before you know it. Volunteers from the American Kitefliers Association (AKA)  and the Kite Trade Association International (KTAI) work together to help promote the fun and sport of kite flying throughout the year but every April enthusiasts in North America celebrate National Kite Month. The celebration actually commences on March 31st and runs through May 6th. Kiting events throughout the world promote the sport, and educate about its rich history.

According to tradition, the earliest account of kite flying dates to 200 B.C. and a chronicle of Chinese General Han Hsin of the Han Dynasty using a kite to measure how far his army would have to tunnel to breach the walls of a city he was attacking. Whether the story is fact or fiction there is an aspect of kiting that mimics military conflict, kite fighting. This is a very popular sport in southeast Asian countries as well as in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, Korea, and Brazil.In Japan, fighting kites or simple toy kites are treasured as toys, but in the hands of kite specialist, true craftsman, they are transformed into works of art.

For those unfamiliar with kiting as a sport, the diversity, the artistry, and the popularity of kites can be quite surprising. Built of paper and bamboo or ripstop & graphite, using one string or five, there are art kites, fighter kites, sport kites and power kites. They may be as small as a postage-stamp size or as large as a small building. Kites are anything but boring and mere child’s play.

If your an experienced kite flyer, a novice, or are just curious, Tumbleweeds and Tarantulas is your one stop shop for kites, for supplies, and for information. Also recommended, a stop by the American Kitefliers Association website. There you will also find an array of information about events, kites, and the history of this ancient sport.

Time is short and it does pass quickly. April and the National Kite Month is looming just the other side of winter, a perfect time for learning about kites and practicing if you reside in Arizona.