Go Fly A Kite 2022. In the past year or so social distancing, the shutdowns and COVID 19 related restrictions have provided ample opportunity to discover, or rediscover, the simple joys of kite flying. For people fortunate enough to live in Bullhead City, Arizona and along the Colorado River, Tumbleweeds and Tarantulas has ben able to meet every kiting need for the enthusiast or novice.

But as therapeutic and enjoyable as kite flying is, it is best enjoyed with fellow enthusiasts. But for most of the past 18 months kite festivals, some that have been held annually for decades, were canceled. Indications are that this will be changing in a very big way for 2022.

The Berkeley Kite Festival in San Francisco’s Cesar Chavez Park, first held in 1986, is making a big comeback in July 2022. The festival is often referenced as one of the premier free family festivals on the West Coast.

The festival attracts hundreds of people who come to fly kites, learn how to make kites, and to watch kite masters from throughout the world. Ensuring that the festival is enjoyed by all age groups, it often includes bungee jumps, pony rides, petting zoo, hands on activities in craft booths and an array of food trucks.

The Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach, Washington is being planned for the third full week of August. As traditionally Kite fliers from all over the world participate and the number of spectators often exceed 10,000 people, this may be the premier kite event in the United States next year. As the event is hosted by The World Kite Museum, there is added reason for kite enthusiasts to attend.

In the mid 1980’s talk among a local group of kite enthusiasts often turned to the establishment of museum dedicated to kite, kite history, and kite flyers. As enthusiasm for the project grew a plan of action was developed and discussions turned toward establishment of a non profit organization, artifact preservation and a a suitable location for the museum.

It was the Washington State Centennial that served as a the catalyst to move the project from idea to reality. The state began offering workshops on the development of museums, write a mission statement, apply for grants and the acquisition as well as preservation of artifacts.

This proved to be very timely. In 1989 the widow of kite collector extraordinaire David Checkley donated more than 700 rare Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian kites to the newly minted World Kite Museum.

The collection was considered the most complete collection of historic Japanese kites outside of Japan. The collection was the museums first exhibit. And it was he cornerstone for the first Washington State International Kite Festival.

This festival in Washington may be the premier event in 2022, but throughout the country kite festivals are being scheduled. The American Kite Flyers Association has a regularly updated schedule posted on their website.

Now is the time to plan some road trip adventures for 2022. Now is the time to plan road trips and sharing the joy of kite flying with fellow enthusiasts.