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We’ve got an eclectic mix of items to fit anyone’s needs.  Fly fly fly your kite to make your yard pop!!  We want to be the store that not only brings you some great products at great prices, but also brings you a smile! 🙂

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We’ve got a great range of different items available.  Kites, Kite supplies, Art Supplies, Home Decor, Garden Decor, and more!
Flying a kite is great fun on a windy day. It’s also very relaxing. So ditch those video games, get off the couch, and get yourself one of many of our great kites.  Choose from a vast selection of stunt, diamond and delta kites.
Fly your kite with ease with the right accessories.  We carry all the right stuff from Kite reels, winders and line.  Stock up now for yourself or give the gift of flight for someone else.  There is no better gift than the amazing gift of flying a kite on a beautiful day. Let your day shine!
Our artists are our illustrators. They are the story tellers that when words couldn’t quite write the complete story.  Let the story begin with some affordable art supplies from brushes to easels.  Start your creative project here and get your art supplies to make your next masterpiece.
Is your home your castle? Do you have a moat?   Let’s start with answering the first question. Your home reflects your persona, so ignite it with some fun and exciting interior pieces from our collection.  Secondly, no, hopefully instead of a moat you decide to grab some of our great wind spinners and fun yard decorations and make your castle one fit for a king!

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“I bought Professional Quality Nylon Braided Kite Line 300 lb. test & 744 feet long. Item came really fast. Will be using it soon. Thanks!”
Happy Customer

” I received myNew Duel Line Stunt / Sport Kite Ripstop Nylon Material 78″ x 27.  Fast delivery, item as described. Thanks works great.”
Happy Customer

” I just purchased a Pashimina Scarf, beautiful scarf, makes a great gift”
Happy Customer

”  I picked up a New Rainbow Diamond Kite 30″ x 35″.  Beautiful, and well made kite! Very fast (and free!!) shipping! Thank you!.”
Happy Customer

This is the best SLK (Single Line Kite) I’ve ever owned or flown in 45 years of flying kites. I wanted to buy a better SLK so I did a bunch of research since they vary from $20 to $200. I found this one for only $40 and I can’t imagine one flying as good or better no matter what the price is. It flies out of my hand and right back to my hand as you see in this video of still photos and no other SLK that I’ve owned has been so stable not even needing a tail to fly straight. This dealer was very patient with all my questions and I highly recommend buying from him. If you ever felt like owning a beautiful 9′ Delta single line kite that flies like a dream buy one of these and you will be impressed by the performance of the tapered Carbon Fiber Frame on this big beauty.
Happy Customer

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