It is never to late. If you have always been a doodler that dreamed of being an artist

The Kingman Center for the Arts gallery at 208 E. Beale in Kingman, Arizona will be hosting a special themed showing for each First Friday event.

but education, work, career, family and life in general ensured this was always just fantasy, perhaps it is time to take the first steps toward making it a reality. Start with a bit of encouragement. The Kingman Center for the Arts in Kingman, Arizona is now offering a variety of classes including figure drawing and watercolor painting as well as gallery showings to provide bit of inspiration.

Set simple goals such as learning the basics; understanding light and shadows, sketching, the color wheel, the importance of developing the background first, etc. Visit area galleries, talk with artists, and check to see what classes are available in your area. Learn to develop your unique and specific skills. Did you know that some artists can only paint a subject by flipping the canvas upside down? Painting from a different angle can force the eye to see the shapes more accurately rather than seeing the ones your mind creates.

Next, give thought to what type of painting and artistry attracts your eye. This will will give a clue as to where your focus should be. As a side note, if the creation of landscape painting of epic proportions is dream then you happen to live in the best place possible. The river communities and Kingman are located at the heart of some of the most dynamic and awe inspiring landscapes on the planet.

Now, give thought to your schedule. How much time do you have to allocate to learning as well as to the creation of projects? Are you a person that needs to finish a project at a single sitting, or can you find relaxation in taking time to create a masterpiece? Linked with this is having a suitable place to work. If you have to work around clutter or rearrange a room every time it is time to paint, chances are that frustration will soon outweigh any chance of finding relaxation in the pursuit of your dream.

Now, carefully consider the medium you have in mind, and the selection of supplies. Are you thinking acrylic, water color, or oil. Then there is the matter of brushes and available budget. If you are a true novice, decisions such as these may seem overwhelming but with a bit of assistance they can be answered with little difficulty. This is where Tumbleweeds and Tarantulas comes in. You might also consider becoming involved with the local arts community and network with like minded people.

Bottom line; if you have ever dreamed of being an artist there is no time like the present. As with any adventure, it begins with taking the first step.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America