Kites On The Big Screen. The popularity of the kite can not be overstated. Festivals celebrating the kite and the simple pleasures of kite flying are held throughout the world. Some of these festivals are rooted in centuries of tradition. Still, few things attest to the popularity of the kite more than its popularity on the big screen. Here is a partial list of movies in which kites figure prominently.

The first recommendation is the Kite Runner released in 2007. This film centers on the rich tradition of kite festivals and kite fighting in Afghanistan. The stories primary characters are Amir and Hassan who are old friends that grew up together in Afghanistan. In the first scenes Amir survives a series of trials before relocating to California. He returns to his homeland when Hassan’s son falls into trouble. The story is well written and the acting is excellent as is the cinematography. For the enthusiast the kite scenes are breathtaking. There are scenes of the two main characters as children flying multiple kites simultaneously. It is mesmerizing to watch as Hassan twirls and flips the kites without entanglement. Throughout the film kites provide the colorful backdrop.

Kites On The Big Screen. The Peanuts Movie released in 2015 is a feel good movie for the entire family and a kite flying scene figures prominently. In one scene Charlie Brown is making a valiant effort to fly a kite in the winter. Repeatedly he is frustrated as the kite becomes stuck in the snow. Then with visible euphoria and excitement the kite soars into the sky but poor Charlie trips and is soon wound up in the kite’s string. As if this isn’t bad enough the wind catches the kite and drags him across a frozen pond. As his misadventure ends, Charlie and his kite end up at a tree on the banks of the pond, and the snow slides from the branches revealing an array of trapped kites.

Kites figure prominently in epics from Bollywood. But as kites are associated with carefree childhood, they also play a central roles in a number of films. One of these is Steven Spielberg film, Empire of the Sun, released in 1987. The story about a young English boy as he struggles to survive during WWII under Japanese occupation features several poignant scenes of the boy with a kite and with a glider.

Other films that feature scenes of kites or kite flying include Step Brothers, 2008, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, 2018, and Earth, 1998. And of course, one of the most popular films with kite scenes is Mary Poppins released in 1964.

Kites are almost magical in their ability to lift a person from worries and concerns, and instill a sense of peace. If you are new to kites, are wanting to rediscover a bit of childhood or are a passionate hobbyist, Tumbleweeds & Tarantulas is your one stop shop. And on those rainy days when you can’t sail your kite on the desert breeze, sit back and enjoy a movie about kites.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America

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