Set your sites on Louisiana this fall and let the wind carry you to the

2018 American Kitefliers Association National Convention. Here is some exciting information provided by Nic O’Neill, President of the American Kitefliers Association.

We would like to send a big thank you to Jim Desrosiers, for submitting this logo (see blog cover image) that would go on to be selected as THE logo for the 2018 AKA Annual Convention. This year we will be enjoying the bayou breezes of Shreveport, Louisiana, October 15th-20th. We think he made a fun, modern, and engaging logo that not only represents the AKA, but proudly focuses on the great city of Shreveport. For this winning logo submission he will be winning free entry into the Convention, along with all of the praise and accolades that we can shower upon him. When you see him on the flying field, or if you see him at the Convention, please take a second to go up and thank him for his artwork.

A big thank you to the other 8 people that submitted a logo for this year. It wasn’t an easy choice and required quite a bit of deliberation from the Convention Committee folks. Each submission could have stood alone as a great logo for the convention and we would be proud to call it ours, but, like the hit movie Highlander there can be only one.

Registration for the current Convention will open on June 1st, 2018.  You will be able to register by accessing your account on the member’s only page, or via mail. If you would prefer to mail in your registration, you will be able to print the registrations from this website or find a copy in your Summer Kiting magazine on June 1st, 2018.

Soon we will be publishing a list of some of the workshops and events that you can expect to see at this years convention, along with more information regarding new activities this year, and some local information for those wanting to explore.

Want a taste of what you can expect? Go to the events tab at the top of this page, and go to the drop down that says ‘Annual Convention’, then ‘Past Conventions’. This will direct you the archives of some of the information from past conventions. Or, you can click here: Past Conventions

We suggest you go ahead and book your room now, and if you want to stay at the Host Hotel make sure you read through this post to find out how you can secure the special AKA Rate.

Oh, Did You Hear About Our Poll?

Just a reminder we have an active poll on the AKA Member’s only page to help narrow down the focus. Take note that this is not meant to exclude the other ideas, or that they may not be tackled at a later date, this is just to help guide the ship for right now with our limited resources.

Your participation in the poll is anonymous and extremely helpful. You will only get one chance to vote, and once you have completed the poll you will not be able to change your answers. At the completion of the poll (on 6/14/2018) we will post the results online at, here on the Members’ only page, and via email.

You can access the poll by logging on to and going to the Members’ only section and looking for the link on the front page, or by clicking HERE.  Alternatively, you can copy and enter the following web address into your email browser:  (You will need to login to access the poll).  We have noted that those using Firefox as a browser are having some issues. If you get an error at any point, try a different browser or clear your cookies.  If you still get an error, please email

Thank you for adding your voice, your opinions matter, and when we all speak up and voice our interest, that is when We Fly Higher Together.

Nic O’Neill

President – American Kitefliers Association

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