Let’s Celebrate Spring. This past year has been challenging, to say the very least. The COVID 19 pandemic derailed plans, caused a great deal of misery and in general upended life. Now there is a ray of sunshine on the horizon. Nationwide the number of daily reported cases is on the decline. Vaccine distribution is escalating. And spring is just around the corner.

So, perhaps, its time to stop by Tumbleweeds and Tarantulas, your one stop kite shop along the upper Colorado River and get ready to celebrate. April has been officially designated as National Kite Month. Joining with friends, lifting colorful kites to dance on the breeze, is there a better way to celebrate spring? So what is National Kite Month?

It is a not-for-profit venture co-founded by the American Kitefliers Association and the Kite Trade Association International. It is simply a celebration of kites. As kites range from diminutive to huge, and are made of everything from paper and bamboo to ripstop cord and graphite diversity is a hallmark. Simply put the variety of kites is only limited by the imagination.

So, how can you participate? Just fly a kite at a local park and strike a conversation about kites with a spectator. Visit or participate in a kite festival. Organize a kite event or festival in your town or neighborhood. Teach someone how to make a kite, or to build one from a kit. Teach someone or a group how to fly a kite. Show off your artistic side by flying a colorful kite of your design.

Need other ideas? How about creating a kite display for your local library or school? Visit a local school and make a presentation about kites. Give someone or a group a kite. Ask your local mayor to sign a National Kite Month Proclamation. Treat yourself to a new kite.

So, make plans to celebrate spring, and the kickoff for a return to normal. Invite your friends and celebrate the kite. And if you are new to kites, visit Tumbleweeds and Tarantulas. They have everything needed and can answer your questions.

And for information about National Kite Month, contact the American Kitefliers Association. Visit their website for information about kite events. There are also other resources such as fascinating about kite history. And there also links and information about Kiting Magazine and clubs.

There is an expansive section on available resources. Here you will find a variety of information on kite making as well as competitions and books about kiting. There is also a manual for organizing a club. And there are also resources including plans for making kites, teaching materials, and kite making tutorials.

Regardless of your skill level or association with kites, make plans today to celebrate in April. Invite your friends and family, and make some new traditions.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America