The avid kite enthusiast will often use words like liberating, relaxing, or peaceful to describe the time spent in the hobby. Sending a kite soaring into a blue sky as it dances on the breeze seems to erase concerns and worries.

Apparently there are some kite enthusiasts that take this idea of liberation linked to kite flying a step further. Case in point, the interesting story of Edward Paolucci, a resident in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He challenged the charges in court claiming that they were unfounded. Still, a newspaper story about an 82-year old man flying a kite in the nude is bound to generate countless jokes, and readership for the newspaper.

Years ago while working as associate editor for Cars & Parts, I was a bit shocked to learn of a nudist car show that was a well attended annual event in Wisconsin. So, I will admit that my curiosity was piqued by the story about a nudist kite flyer. This wouldn’t be the first time that curiosity led me down some odd, interesting, and not often traversed trails.

Was this an isolated incident? If not, are there kite flying festivals for nudists? And so tapping into the Google universe I found myself in search of similar stories. The research was, shall we say, revealing.

With that said I feel a disclaimer, a word of caution is warranted. Typing the words nude, kite flying, and events into the Google search bar can lead to interesting, and occasionally embarrassing results.

Still it was an eye opening endeavor. Apparently in 2018 the Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resort, affiliated with the American Association With Nude Recreation, hosted a kite festival. I didn’t delve far into the subject but it seems that this was a one time event.

The search was akin to being transported to a foreign world where everything seems vaguely familiar but with glaring differences. As an example, consider this article from 2011 published in Travel News Notes. “This July, the American Association for Nude Recreation recommended that brave men and women, young and old, take part in the celebration of Nude Recreation Week at one of more than 250 clothing optional clubs.”

This was a part of the associations 80th anniversary celebration. Suggested activities included hiking, reading a book, gardening – and kite flying.

Liberating, as I am an old desert rat that doesn’t even own a short sleeved shirt, I suppose my liberation with kite flying will come the old fashioned way. First, a visit to Tumbleweeds & Tarantulas website. Their wide array of kites and kite supplies is available on Amazon as well as eBay but I prefer to go direct to the source.

Liberating, as I will find a quiet place on a hill overlooking the Colorado River Valley, or some place where I can see the Hualapai Mountains near Kingman, Arizona. I can always count on a breeze. Then I will simply let my kite carry my concerns and my worries to the heavens. And I will reflect on childhood days when my father took me to the top of the sand dunes near Traverse City, and we enjoyed watching the kite we made sale over the blue waters of Lake Michigan.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America