Myths & Childhood Dreams,

To visit Tumbleweeds & Tarantulas in Bullhead City, Arizona, your one stop shop for kites and kite supplies in the Colorado River Valley is to step back to the days of childhood. Kites are a link to a pre-video game era when school class day dreams centered on a warm summers day, a light breeze, and sailing a kite on the wind.

Myths & Childhood Dreams underscore the popularity of events such as the Frank Mots International Kite Festival in Wisconsin that has been held on the first weekend after Labor Day since 1978. Festival organizers have high hopes that this year the event will attract a pre-Covid number of spectators and participants.

Several years ago the festival attracted an estimated 60,000 spectators from throughout the world. More than 600 custom kites were displayed and flown.

One of the oldest kite festivals in the United States takes place in Austin, Texas. The ABC Kite Festival launched in 1929 as a simple event where local children learned to make kites, and then to fly them.

Over the years it has grown exponentially. In 2018 it was estimated that more than 30,000 people attended the festival. And the scope of accompanying family friendly activities has grown over the years.

Kite enthusiasts are counting the days to the return of the Berkley Kite Festival in Berkley, California. Launched in 1986 the July festival is held in Cesar E. Chavez Park near the marina on San Francisco Bay. Previous festivals have included a petting zoo, bounce houses, and some kites are rigged to drop candy over spectators. And there are classes on kite making and kite flying for all age groups.

Giant creature kites add a whimsical touch to the event. And kites and attendees from throughout the world add an exotic feel that ensures it is a memorable festival.

Another delightful festival that will spark memories of childhood is held near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Kite Fest Louisiana has often attracted more than 10,000 spectators and attendees.

The standards such as kite making and kite flying classes are a big part of this family fun event that is traditionally held the first weekend in April. But it is unique. Using LED lights there are night time kite flying shows over the Mississippi River. And short side trips such as to the Baton Rouge Zoo or Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge are encouraged.

For big city fun with kites it is hard to beat the Kids & Kites Festival in Chicago, Illinois. Held annually each May this is an international kite festival as well as arts and crafts fair where the emphasis is placed on the children. With the waning of COVID induced travel restrictions, festival organizers are hoping that year the festival will again also be an international cultural event.

Kites, childhood, and memories of lazy days. Festivals for the entire family where new memories are made. This year add a kite festival to your travel plan and make this a year never to be forgotten.

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