Delta Kite USA Levitation 84″x43″ RipStop Nylon & Fiberglass Spars +BONUS


Single Line Levitation USA Delta Kite
+ 3-USA Flag Windsocks / Tails


Delta Kite USA Levitation 84″x43″ RipStop Nylon & Fiberglass Spars

Delta Kite USA levitation

New 84″x 43″ Single Line Levitation USA Delta Kite + BONUS BELOW

by Into The Wind
High quality well built kites from start to finish

Great for those Veterans Day or 4th of July Bar-B-Q or summer picnics

Get those kids off the couch, take one of these to the Park, Beach, River, Lake or Back Yard

Fun for the whole family. Watch family kite flying Video —>>>

Assembly & flying instructions video —>>>

Kite is made w/durable RipStop Nylon material & Fiberglass Frame/Spars

Line NOT included. Recommended Line would be 50-lb. Dacron Line

Has three tail attachment points for increased stability when needed and will fly well in very light winds. Also has oversize keel and trailing edge flaps for exceptional stability in a wide range of winds

3-USA 60″ Windsock Tails / Line Laundry
*All Included* at a great price

Durable cloth carry bag with Snap flap & assembly instructions

Rated 5-20-mph light to moderate winds. Tails not necessary in lighter winds but always look great

Damage may occur if flown in winds above 18-mph or if it crashes.
Stronger wind gusts also a concern

How much wind do you need?
Less then you might think. Gentle breezes are always better for kite flying. If your kite pulls, loops or dives while pulling on your line, the wind is too strong. If the kite wobbles and fails to climb, the winds are too light. If you kite starts heading towards the ground, either take one or two steps forward or release some line. The kite should correct its flight, if not and it hits the ground it will have a much softer landing if you follow these simple steps

Design is stitched, not painted or printed

See pictures for color & design

Kites are opened and inspected for presence of all parts prior to shipping

Recommended skill levels from intermediate to advance & age limit 14 years old & up

Contact me with any questions you have before making your purchasing

Always FREE shipping

International buyers,
Please contact us for a shipping quote plus you are responsible for all taxes and duties due upon delivery

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