Spring Time At Tumbleweeds and Tarantulas every season is kite season. But for most enthusiasts spring awakens a hunger to sail a kite in the breeze. And it is also an ideal time to discover the simple pleasures of kite flying.

Interest in kites has been on the upswing in recent years. The COVID pandemic, however, saw a record number of Google searches for information about kites. Kite stores that offered online sales such as Tumbleweed and Tarantulas also saw an increase in interest.

The interest in kites went beyond a search for safe, social distancing family activities. People were looking for information about kite history, the hobby of kite flying and of making kites, and the artistry of kites. They also were interested in the science and technology behind kite construction and flying.

As the pandemic seems to be waning, and people are being vaccinated, this tsunami of interest in kites will most likely make for very exciting kite festivals this spring and summer. National and international kite festivals are an obvious gathering place for kite enthusiasts. But even a small local event, if properly promoted, effectively advertised, will attract like minded people.

If you do not have a kite club in your area, this would be a great way to get one started. Simply pick a date and location, and get the word out. Be creative in your promotion. Perhaps you can set up a kite display table at a local car show or farmers market. Even better, can you fly a kite at local events? That will attract people of all ages, and inspire the curious.

Local libraries often have rotating displays in their lobby. This is another opportunity to ignite interest in kites, and to meet like minded kite enthusiasts. This would have the added advantage of generating interest from children and teenagers.

A local community college is another option. The kite is ideally suited for the creation of a community education program. They have an interesting history, and most everyone has a childhood association. There are also elements of science and art associated with the kite. And so the kite appeals to a wide demographic.

The pandemic has left people hungry for the simple pleasure of enjoying activities with friends and family. So, it is an ideal time to rediscover the childhood joys of kite flying.

Perhaps the only thing better than enjoying a spring day and sailing a kite on a gentle breeze is sharing the fun with a like minded friend or two. And that is one reason why kite clubs are growing in popularity. To find a kite club in your area the American Kite Flyers Association has an international listing on their website. They also have an array of resources to help you start a club in your neighborhood or community.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America